Harnden's Tree Nursery


Reseller Permits: Harnden's Tree Nursery is a wholesale nursery and, as such, we require our customers to provide a copy of the Washington State Department of Revenue Reseller Permit. Your reseller permit should designate your business activity as Landscape Services, Landscape Architectural Services, Site Preparation Contractors, Nursery and Garden Services, or a related business supporting the landscape industry. Please FAX your Reseller Permit to 360-568-5063. If we do not receive your Reseller Permit by the time of pick up, we are required to charge you tax. If you are an out-of-state or out-of-country customer, you must complete the Uniform Sales and Use Tax Certificate Multijurisdiction provided by and required by the State of Washington or we must charge you tax. Please visit the Washington State Reseller website for more information or to apply for a Reseller Permit.

Restocking Fee: Orders that are placed and dug are subject to a 25% restocking fee if they are cancelled.

Customer Tagging: We welcome self-tagging by customers who prefer to select and tag trees in our fields. However, the tag order, with the variety, location, and color of flagging tape, must be turned in at the office for processing. Please check in at the office before entering the fields.

Terms: Terms are COD except for those who have established credit.

Credit Policy: We close our books on the last day of each month. Our terms are net thirty days, unless otherwise agreed. Accounts are considered delinquent if payment has not been received in our office thirty days after purchase. Accounts thirty days or more delinquent (after sixty days) are placed on a cash only basis for future purchases until the delinquency is paid in full (including interest.) Past due balances are subject to a finance charge of 1 ½% per month (minimum .50) on the unpaid balance. Requests for copies of statements or invoices should be made promptly so that payment is not delayed. Missing invoices are not a valid reason for late payment.

Warranty: All plants sold are in a healthy condition when picked up or shipped from our nursery. There is absolutely no guarantee as to the results of transplanting, transporting or storage of plants after they leave our nursery.

Summer Orders: In an effort to maximize our short availability, we require orders placed in the summer to be added to the next dig list. We will be unable to hold trees during this period (May-September).

Summer Digging: We begin digging after we have finished planting our bare root stock, usually in mid-May. Trees are well-maintained while they are in the ground. Once the trees are dug, however, the proper moisture level cannot be maintained in the root balls, and the trees will begin to dry out while waiting to be picked up and replanted. It is very difficult to get moisture back into the root balls once they have dried out. We try to schedule orders to be picked up within twenty-four hours of being dug, so that the root balls have adequate moisture in them during shipping. The trees should be planted or healed in immediately on your jobsite, with attention given to keeping the root balls moist. Protective covering over foliage should be provided while the trees are transported. Our summer dig days are Monday and Wednesday. Trees must be picked up either the afternoon of the dig day, or the following morning.